Thursday, April 28, 2016

Taking a Break

I have been doing much lately i have been waiting for my dad to help me with it so i can get it correct and not mess it up and make it look sloppy. But we still have four weeks to finish which i am almost certain that is a enough time to finish but i think we are going to work on this weekend. But we still have one thing i really don't want to do and that is ted talks I hat going on stage and talking in front of a large crowd. But i can talk if there is a small crowd. I don't just hope i dont bomb it.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ted talk

So mr eckert finally told us when we are doing our ted talk and i'm not good at public speaking so that's probably why i might mess up when i get on stage which is what i am worried about.  But at least i know that alot of people will mess up just like me or they will and i won't but we will just have to find out.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Stuck in a rut

So right now I am stuck in a rut and by that I mean we still haven't put on the two but that's easy the hard part is trying to find the part that will allow it to move up and down when the user grows with. We still haven't found the piece for it and so that means we can't start drilling till we get that piece so i'm thinking we take it out of one of the crutches we have some at home. Put until we do that we can't do anything else. So i'm stuck in a rut. But hopefully and I think i can tell that it shouldn't take long to get out of this rut.